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Revision Help

Below are some revision tips that you may find useful:

  • Create a revision plan working back from the date of your first exam, allocating more time for those areas that you find a bit more difficult. Be realistic and allow for breaks and other commitments. Try to start revision earlier in the day rather than studying into the night; lack of sleep will affect your energy levels and concentration.
  • Create revision cards with summarised information on them, such as key dates. Place the cards at different points around the house or your bedroom so that you will pass and read them each day.
  • Simply reading your books over and over is not the best way to revise. Making notes and diagrams will make your revision more effective. Mind maps are a great way of coping with difficult subjects as they allow you to break down the topic and visualise the information.
  • Try and set aside an area that is just for revision. It should be somewhere quiet away from distractions such as the television. Some people find it easier to revise in silence, however some students may prefer to have their favourite music playing in the background and may associate the music with certain topics, making them easier to recall during the examination.
  • Revise with friends. Take a break from revising alone and test each other.

Useful websites:

BBC Bitesize

tonybuzan.com  - for information about Mind Maps and how to create your own.